2023 Waiting list for miniature schnauzer is now open . Serious inquiries are welcome.

For miniature schnauzer puppy inquiries feel free to email or call .


If you are looking for a well breed puppy from a registered breeder please take the time
to give us a call or email us we would love to know as much as possible about the families interested in adopting from us  .We are registered with the
kennel club and one of the very few registered with Canada revenue we pay tax on all sales is the law .We are a small breeder and provide wonderful/ healthy puppies as family companions for many years to families all over Canada and USA .We are a small breeder we believe in breeding for health and temperament.

If you read the reviews you will see how well our puppies adjust when they go home.  Puppies interact with us all day with our two rescues cats and are custom to all kind of noises and grooming. Raising  schnauzers is a labor of love . We don’t mind answering questions and will always be here to give advice .





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FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE at 905 531 3204 or by email and visit our references page to see the wonderful experience our adoptive families had adopting from us .