Hi Joe and Marcella
Becca will be 2 years old tomorrow March 25th. Where has the time gone? She is a beautiful little dog and we love her dearly. Just wanted to thank you for breeding such wonderful miniature schnauzers.
Hope all is going well for you and your family
Take care
Vicki and Frank
Hi Marcela & Joe,
Hope you are doing well! Wanted to send you a little note to let you know that the boys have settled in so wonderfully!! We couldn’t be happier.
We named them Theo and Finn and they are so smart, they catch onto their training so quickly and are always wanting to please us. They have adapted so well to their crates, it is actually amazing. They have been sleeping through the night (7 hours) since about 11 weeks old! They love car rides and playing in the snow. They play and cuddle so well with all the family members.
Thank you for breeding such amazing pups!!
Take care,
Cindy, Jason, Berkeley and Lerynne

Hi Marcela and Joe

I wanted to let you know that I went to Sasha and Rosa’s this afternoon and met their adorable bundle of fur, Mona.  What a cutie she is!  She’s friendly and curious and was not at all shy to meet me and to pick her up.  Rosa and Sasha love her to bits and are so happy that she has finally arrived.
Mona looks exactly like Magic did at that age.
Magic is doing great. He’s such a wonderful little guy who continues to amaze us with his ability to get through any barrier.
Kind regards

Hi Marcela and Joe,


It’s Ollie’s 3rd full day at home and he’s doing brilliantly. Loves his snuffle mat, has learned he can catch his tail (not sure he realizes it’s attached to him yet!), and settles down for naps after play sessions nicely. Wondering if you taught him to fetch? He’s bringing his ball and tug toy back without being asked, it’s either a miracle or you did the groundwork! 😊


He’s a wonderful puppy and I’m looking forward to his journey into adulthood, we’ll keep you posted along the way (he’s a ham with the camera).


Thanks again for all the work you’ve put in to breeding thoughtfully and for sharing the joy,


Andrea & Ollie

Good morning Joe.
Just an update on Ivy.
Ivy has brought Alot of Joy to our home. She’s very active likes to play with toys especially balls. Ivy is very healthy and on a Raw Dog Food. She’s very smart and loves to jump surprised at how high she can jump. Alot of people comment on how beautiful her markings on her coat. We found a Groomer in Niagara Falls who knows how to do a Schnauzer Cut. Thanks again for such a well tempered Dog

Hi Joe and Marcela,
A few weeks ago, Yoda celebrated his 2nd birthday! I just wanted to send some updated pictures of him. He’s such a great dog and everyone always complements his easy-going nature and temperament.
We hope you and your family are doing well! Have a wonderful holiday!
Julianna, Braden and Yoda
Hello Marcela,
Sherlock is a wonderful addition to our family.
He is so smart and is responding to commands we have been teaching him. Crate training has been straightforward.  We have him on a routine and he responds well to it.
He loves playing hide and seek.
Everyone in the family loves him so much.
We saw the vet and the checkup and vaccinations went well.
Thank you again for having a wonderful breeding program for minature schnauzers.
Regards, MiLinda and family. July 2023
Thank you Karen for the wonderful update.
Best ever schnauzer!!( July 2023)

Hi Joe and Marcela,
Just wanted to give you an update on our puppy, Mabel. It’s been a month since we picked her up (June 17, 2023). She’s adapted very well to her new home with me, my husband, and our calico.
She was very easy to house and crate train, she sleeps 2-3 hours in her crate with no fuss 3x a day, then she will sit, stare and bark when she needs to potty. She has some accidents but still it’s amazing! She’s a very intelligent and beautiful pup and it’s evident that she comes from a great line of schnauzers.
Sharing some photos I took of her today.
Thank you,
Hannah, Marco, and Mabel.
I wanted to let you know how much progress Kaiju has made! Since day 2 I was training him with his kibble. Now I’m training him randomly during playtime and a bit before he eats so I get his attention.
Kaiju knows:
His name Kaiju and comes running
Drop It
And 2 days ago I taught him Spin! Once that gets embedded I will teach him the other way around and calling it Twirl.
Whenever he gets out of the crate we ask him to Sit. And then he waits until I put on the house leash and I say Wait and now I can take at least 8 steps back before releasing him with OK.
Anyways hope all is well! I just wanted to give you an update on Kaiju’s progress. We love him so very much!
Hi Marcella and Joe
Thank you for our sweet Bob. He’s settled in wonderfully. Slept through both nights. Pooping outside. Singing to us snuggling and so playful
We wish you a wonderful summer and all the best
Laura Kim Raffi and Greg.

Beautiful Ricky 8 years young and looking so handsome ❤️

Beautiful Coco 2 years old ❤️

Thank you Claudia for the lovely pictures.

Hi there

Otto continues to do well – and is such a happy puppy
We are targeting a new schnauzer arriving in end of June or early july of 2023. We are hoping for a black or similar colours to Otto (black and silver) and similar parents.We are now thinking male vs female. Or what would you recommend for Otto since he is a male and was really easy to raise and train. We think a male would be best
I have attached some pics of him
His Instagram account is #ottothegrumpydog (he’s not grumpy but his eyebrows always makes him look grumpy)
Is seven months enough notice (targeting end of June)

Beautiful Coco , thank you Claudia and family for this beautiful picture.

Hi Marcela and Joe,
I wanted to send you a photo of Frida’s first haircut – she is such a beauty!  The groomer wanted me to pass along their appreciation of what a well bred and well raised dog she is!  Frida took all the appointments in stride and the third time at the groomer’s she got a real schnauzer haircut.
We are continuing our training and she is enthusiastic and brilliant!  She loves to practice at home and is a very quick learner.  I just love training with her.
We are also continuing to meet lots of new people and play with other friendly dogs every week.  Frida is game for everything and gets along with all types of dogs.  She is really a very special dog and we love her so much.
I hope all her siblings are doing well!  Thank you again for breeding such a wonderful and loving dog!
All the best,

Hi Marcela & Joe:

Hope all is well with you and your family.
It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since we picked up Magic.  He is such a sweet, happy little guy who is very playful and loves his cuddles.  He has adapted to his crate and the last few days he has consistently scratched at the door when he needs to go out.  He loves his toys and is good at retrieving when we throw them.  His favorites are stuffed toys that squeak. We are continuing with our virtual puppy training every 2 weeks and he is smart so he learns things quickly.
He met the groomer this week and will likely get his first grooming in a couple of weeks during which time I’m working with Magic on getting used to the clippers.  The groomer comes to our house and in the summer (weather permitting) he does the grooming outside.
Yesterday we took Magic to the vet for his 3 month set of shots and a puppy wellness check. (our vet was away last week so we had to wait a few extra days to see him). He was pleased that Magic is a healthy little guy and he was a big hit with the staff at the clinic.
I’ve included a couple of pictures I took of him yesterday.
Kind regards
Janice & Larry
Hi!  I wanted to give you an update on our wonderful “Frida”… she is such an amazing puppy! So smart and catches on to everything really quickly.  She has met so many new people and lots of new (friendly) dogs.  She greets everyone with love and affection.  We started puppy school and she is a star.  I just can’t get over how loving and optimistic and confident she is!  She has a great routine and really knows that she is loved.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful dogs!  She has really brought joy to our house 🙂
Anthea and the boys

Hi Marcela and Joe:

It was great to meet you both in person on Sunday.  Hope you enjoyed your son’s celebration.
Our pup is an absolute delight. We had collected a list of names but decided that Black Magic suits him best (we are calling him Magic).He’s such a curious little guy and happily investigates new things. We took him out to our backyard when we got home and although it was drizzling, he didn’t care and checked out our whole yard.  He doesn’t seem at all noise sensitive.  He wasn’t concerned at all about the thunder on Sunday night or the loud construction trucks that have been working on the street around our house all week putting in Bell fiber optic cable. He’s very active but he also likes his cuddles and tummy rubs.  I’ve attached a picture that Larry took on Sunday.
Nights are getting better as he gets used to being alone in a crate.  We are using the snuggle puppy with the blanket you sent over it.  He fussed alot for the first few nights but would eventually settle. Last night he didn’t cry at all when he went into his crate and slept until 6:15 which I find amazing for such a young pup.
We are absolutely enjoying our little Magic.
Just wanted to thank you again.  Tuppence is an amazing puppy.  So well behaved and such a lovely and loving personality.  I cannot thank you enough for letting me have her in my life!
Hi Joe and Marcela!
I hope you are all keeping well. It’s been a couple months, so I just thought I’d send you an update on Yoda. He’s such a great puppy and it’s been so much fun watching him grow. He’s received all his shots now, and loves going for walks – he cries at everyone he passes because he wants to say hi! Everyone in our neighborhood loves him. We also started taking obedience classes this week and he’s catching on right away. He’s fully potty trained and  he’ll scratch on the door to let us know he wants to go outside. He loves playing in our backyard!
Thank you again for Yoda! We couldn’t imagine our lives without him. 😊
Talk to you soon,
Julianna and Braden

Hi Marcella and Joe

It’s been a while so we thought we should update you on our beautiful Zoey.
She has a beautiful spirit, soft temperament and a playfulness which comes out in spades all day long.  Zoey loves the snow ( we have plenty of it) and springs into any snowbank she can.  She often runs her snout along the ground in fresh fallen snow and pushes it up in front of her then jumps on it … she is a character.
Zoey is a hopper … she is like a gazelle.
She is pretty much potty trained; we have a doggie bell hanging on the door and she knocks the heck out of it when she wants to do her business.  We have her crate trained and she really settles nicely at bedtime.
Zoey is quite the conversationalist…. She has a couple different tones when she talks to us … again; she is so special.
Zoey has won over our 2 cats and they have developed their own cat and Zoey games.  They result in our never ending chuckles and laughs.
Zoey is a great traveller but she does like to look out the window so we’ve had to upgrade her car seat so she can see out while enjoying the ride.
Zoey is so friendly with people and wins over the hearts of whoever stops to chat on our walks.
Our vets thinks she is perfect – we do too!
We took her for her first official schnauzer cut today.  She did really well and was awesome with her groomer.  She is just so pretty.  Hopefully the pictures I’ve attached warms your heart… cuz it melts ours!
Warmest Regards

Jo and Don
Thank you so much Jo and Don it means the world to us to heat how well Zoey is doing  ❤️

Hi Marcela,

I hope you managed to get back safely! Weather here was bad a few nights ago but not anymore.
It was really nice meeting the both of you too, and my heart is so full with Beau. I had done a ton of research and was expecting to not sleep at all this week but Beau has been an absolute angel.
I had transitioned him from the potty pads to a grass patch I bought and he picked it up right away. He cries for a little bit in the pen but settles really quickly. No issues with him being in his crate which is making crate training a dream. With all the covid puppies I want to make sure if we transition back to in person work and school he will be OK without separation anxiety and I have to say he is so very smart and well behaved. Yesterday he walked right in the crate by himself and took a very long nap. He is not really food motivated yet but I am sure he is still nervous about his first day being separated.
He slept almost through the entire night, I had to wake him up for a potty break and he whined a bit when put back in the crate, but settled so quickly.
I have never met a puppy so smart and well behaved at such a young age too. I can tell that a lot of effort has gone into his temperament and into his socialization. Thank you two so much for raising such a wonderful puppy. I just know he’s going to be the best dog and the best friend.
Everyone cannot stop complimenting how handsome and adorable he is.
I hope you enjoy the wine!
Just wanted to send you a little update on Yoda. 😊
He slept the whole way home and enjoyed some playtime in the afternoon. We put him down for a nap in his crate and he loved it! He’s only had a few accidents, but is usually very good at going potty on his training pads.  At nighttime, he walked right back into his crate and slept from 10:00-3:00, went for a quick potty break, and then 3:00-6:00. His personality is starting to show – he loves to play, but also loves snuggling on the couch. We love him so much already!
Thanks again for everything! We’ll definitely stay in touch!
-Julianna and Braden
Marcela and Joe:
We thought we would share this picture of Kaiser, he looks so handsome.
He is 2 1/2 now. We hope everything is going well with you, we are in very trying times.
We keep an eye on your web sight, Molly is the new kid.
Hope you found a good home for Hugo.
Friends from Ottawa were asking us about breeders and it looks like they were lucky enough for you to have pups.
Keep safe
Lloyd and Kathy (Kaiser)


Little Maxx


Hi Joe & Marcella,

I hope you are keeping well!  We purchased a miniature schnauzer puppy from you last June from the Cookie litter.
We wanted to provide proof of neuter from our vet, as per our contract with you.
Maui is doing great, he is a very well-mannered puppy with a great personality!! Thank you again for making this such an amazing experience.
Please let us know if you need anything else.  Also see attached for some updated pictures 🙂

Twinkie and Winnie
Thank you so much Christina for the beautiful picture ❤️

Just thought you’d appreciate a newer picture of our sweet Tillie!  She continues to keep us laughing and gets us out for lots of walks.

June and Dave


He is actually adjusting pretty well – we are already doing some hugging 😊

Likes to be outside a lot – with all the sounds of nature – it reminds him your home, I think.


Again, thank you so very much!

All the best,


Kobie’s car ride
He has been so good and we are enjoying him so much 🙂 we have not had to use the pee pads in the house, as he whines when he has to go outl. My parents and daughters are all in love with him too ❤️

Zöe Liabotis Check in
Hello. Hope you and the family (2 and 4 legs) are doing well  Can’t believe Zöe will be 8 months tomorrow.

We still want to thank you for the opportunity to bring her into our lives. We know of so many people who are still waiting. Or worse. Not getting a good quality dog.

She is so wonderful. And incredibly intelligent and alert. But honestly She is truly lovely well behaved gorgeous dog. Don’t know what we ever did without her.

Hi Joe & Marcela,
We just wanted to thank you for giving us such a beautiful miniature schnauzer! We’ve named him Maui, and he’s already become a part of our family 🙂 We are working hard with his training and are excited to see him grow!
We will be in touch 🙂
Thank you,
Eleyna & Paul

Hi Folks—We got our Reggie from you on July 22nd 2018.  He has been such a good puppy and we are so happy that we have him.  He is so lovable and so easily socialized.  Should have emailed you earlier but thought I would let you know now —better late than never. Take care–Cathy Elson

Ernie is doing very well . Very healthy and beautiful and everyone loves her very much .

Tyler Dempsey

Is’s official he’s a schnauzer .

Cruz after his hair cut .


He is such a beautiful boy and is mimicking Humphrey with his behaviour so he is relaxed and content, confident and curious

Nancy in Kitchener

Hi Joe and Marcela,

My husband, Noel and I adopted a miniature schnauzer from you guys early on this year in February. First off, thank you again for being the reason Blue is in our lives. He is the best thing ever and we absolutely adore having him.

Dear Joe and Marcella,
We trust that all is well.

We are well our side. The kids settled on Olive as a name for our girl (Livie is her shortened name).
She is simply adorable and other than the usual puppy behaviour, we are all settling well with her in our lives. She is adds much joy and entertainment to us and the kids.
Thank you



Just writing to let you know that Shimo settled in super well and had no issues with the drive home. He’s a very brave pup and is fully comfortable roaming the backyard and ground floor, got used to wearing a collar and pretty much knows his name and to come when called! He’s learning a lot every day and I look forward to watching him grow 😊
Best wishes,

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Joe and Marcela, Coco is such a happy and loving puppy. Super calm but playful, and just perfect. Love that she’s good with the crate and potty training is going great.  That moose has also been her go to when she goes to sleep at night

Thank you again.


Good morning Marcela and Joe

Hope all is well, thank you again for blessing us with Einstein, he has brought so much excitement and joy to our family… my dad is obsessed with him already.

Melissa and kids

Jack and Wills are doing very well and today they had their neuter operation. Attached are their certificates for your reference.

Here’s a picture as well!

Best wishes

Oct 2019

Good afternoon Marcela. Lewis is doing very well. Thank you again for him.

Lewis and his family on Toronto

Dear Joe and Marcela ,

We would like to thank you for our beautiful puppy ,she is doing great at house training and everyone loves her ,


Mary and family .

Hi Folks—We got our Reggie from you on July 22nd 2018. He has been such a good puppy and we are so happy that we have him. He is so lovable and so easily socialized. Should have emailed you earlier but thought I would let you know now —better late than never.

Take care–Cathy Elson

Ernie is doing very well . Very healthy and beautiful and everyone loves her very much .

Tyler Dempsey